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Renewal Options

Maintain your certification with our latest, most convenient training solutions

To maintain your status as a Certified Instructor, you’re required to attend a Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® (NCI) Virtual Renewal Training facilitated by CPI every two years (your renewal cycle begins on the day of original certification). 

Now offered 100% virtually, this training allows you to safely and conveniently maintain your certification without having to attend an in-person program.

By re-examining course content from the perspective of an active Certified Instructor, a renewal course offers you the opportunity to gain new training insights and develop an even deeper understanding for the program’s core concepts.

NCI Virtual Renewal Program

  • Renew your certification in three easy steps: complete an online course, attend a live virtual training led by a Global Professional Instructor, and complete an Online Certification Exam. 
  • Offering you the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding for Nonviolent Crisis Intervention training, our renewal process sharpens your confidence and skills to provide the best Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security for everyone at your organization.

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Specialized Renewals

The Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Foundation Course is the core of the renewal process, but for organizations facing higher levels of risk, or for those who serve individuals with autism or trauma, specialized options are available.

All CPI specialized renewals feature online prework, one day of live virtual training, and an online certification exam, and were adapted from core Nonviolent Crisis Intervention training concepts, satisfying your two-year renewal requirement in a way that best fits the needs of your organization and the people you support.

NCI Specialized Renewal: Trauma (Virtual)

  • Teaches Certified Instructors the key concepts of trauma-informed practices, including how to integrate and adapt Nonviolent Crisis Intervention training for staff working with individuals who are impacted by trauma.

NCI Specialized Renewal: Autism Spectrum Disorder (Virtual)

  • Teaches Certified Instructors how to customize and adapt Nonviolent Crisis Intervention training for staff working with individuals on the autism spectrum.

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention With Advanced Physical Skills

  • Provides effective and advanced tools in risk assessment and problem solving to help staff in organizations supporting individuals more likely to demonstrate higher risk behaviors.

Dual Certification

CPI’s Dual Certification programs are curated for Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Certified Instructors interested in adding supplementary de-escalation or behavior management training based on the specific needs of those in their care. Certified Instructors can renew their Nonviolent Crisis Intervention certification and earn an additional certification.

Dual Certification: Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® and Dementia Capable Care (Virtual)

  • Designed for Certified Instructors whose staff provide care to those living with dementia, or cognitive disabilities.
  • Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Certified Instructors can fulfill their Nonviolent Crisis Intervention renewal requirement, become certified to teach Dementia Capable Care, 2nd Edition, and become qualified to teach Nonviolent Crisis Intervention, 2nd Edition with a focus on Dementia.

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