Maintaining Certification and Skills

How It Works to Maintain Your Certification and Skills
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Being a Certified Instructor empowers you to champion Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security℠. You’ll be a leader in your organization by teaching staff how to create lasting, positive change for the people in your care. To do this with success, training must be an ongoing process. So we have quality standards for you that work in harmony with our quality support. Comprised of two categories, these standards help you build confidence and competence as a Certified Instructor.

1. Training Continuity and Relevance

a. Train staff where you work.

When you’re a Certified Instructor, you’re authorized to train staff where you’re employed. This helps you ensure relevance and support for staff, and that you're training within your organizational policies and procedures.

b. Use CPI instructional materials in training.

CPI training materials are uniquely designed to promote learning transfer and to ensure that the content you teach is authorized by CPI. When you become a Certified Instructor, you’ll receive a detailed Instructor Guide to help you teach and customize training to your staff. For every training that you conduct, be sure to provide each participant with an approved Participant Workbook or training aid.

c. Validate training with CPI.

Each Participant Workbook includes a unique CPI Blue Card™ for you to give to each participant who successfully completes the training. Within two weeks of teaching a class, document your training here on our website.

2. Instructor Proficiency

a. Teach two classes each year.

Use your comprehensive Instructor Guide to help you teach staff. You’ll also have access to online training resources and the CPI Instructor Community to plan engaging classes.

b. Review and renew your Instructor skills.

To ensure your proficiency and prevent training drift, renew your skills every two years at a training program taught by CPI. This will build your expertise as a Certified Instructor.

c. Pay the annual membership fee.

Maintain your membership in the CPI Instructor Association. This allows you to remain an active Instructor, take advantage of all the benefits of your certification, and receive unparalleled support.

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