​Maintaining Instructor Certification

Maintaining Instructor Certification
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When you become a Certified Instructor, you become a leader in memory care. By teaching staff how to provide abilities-based, person-centered care, you’ll be a champion of Dementia Capable Care. To do this with success, training must be an ongoing process. That's why we have quality standards for you, which work in harmony with our quality support.

How It Works

to Maintain Your Certification and Skills

1. Teach at least 12 hours (two classes) each year.

Use your comprehensive Instructor Guide to assist you with training facilitation. You’ll also have access to the Training Center and the Dementia Capable Care Community to help you plan your classes.

2. Renew your skills.

To ensure your proficiency as an Instructor, renew your skills every four years by attending a Dementia Capable Care training taught by our Dementia Care Specialists.

3. Attend free training. (Optional)

While you must pay to attend renewal training every four years, you'll enjoy many benefits of being a Certified Instructor. One perk is that you’re invited to attend the Foundation Course at no cost as a refresher anytime. Take an extra opportunity to see the course taught by DCS, and review the content for free!

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