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Skills to handle challenging customer and coworker behaviour

You deal with a range of situations every day.

Whether you work in higher education, business, government, a library, retail, manufacturing, or anywhere, it is not easy dealing with the public—or even coworkers.

And no one should have to feel unsafe at work.

But Katrina Townsend did.

Katrina works in a library in Austin, Texas. She didn’t feel safe at work because her library branch was, as she describes it, “overrun with people conducting criminal activity. They were stealing, fighting, performing sex acts, you name it and they were doing it.”

So her library system implemented CPI training. And she says it gave her and her colleagues a framework to start from. As a result:

“CPI saved my job and possibly my life.”
—Katrina Townsend, Library Staff, City of Austin

It takes skill to improve safety.

Just as customer service is a skill, violence prevention is a skill. To build that skill, you and your colleagues need strategies that work for preventing and managing scary situations.

The key to that? Professionals in all fields use CPI because it focuses on prevention and de-escalation skills. That’s why 95% of professionals agree: CPI improves staff de-escalation skills and overall safety.

Without prevention and de-escalation skills, a staff member can miss an opportunity to de-escalate early. Situations can build until they explode.

With these skills, staff work together to keep everyone safe. The result at Katrina’s branch is that they’ve reduced challenging behaviors by over 50%. They've also improved de-escalation skills and confidence by 50–74%.

What if the problem isn’t only with customers?

Unfortunately, many organizations deal with all kinds of issues when it comes to behavior. Whether you’re dealing with difficult customer or coworker behavior, or both, CPI has tools and techniques to help you feel safe at work. In addition to training, we offer courses on:

Workplace bullying

To help you see it, call it, and STOP it, we offer:

Workplace substance abuse

No matter what kind of impairing substance someone is affected by, it presents a higher risk for workplace accidents, absenteeism, health problems, disability, and decreased productivity. It’s also costly. Our Workplace Substance Abuse Topic Module will help you deal with these issues. It can even help your organization comply with training requirements under applicable Drug-Free Workplace standards or laws within specific jurisdictions.

Mental health challenges at work

So many of us know someone who struggles with mental illness. Maybe you have a coworker, a customer, a client, or a friend who lives with a mental illness. Our Challenged by Mental Illness at Work Topic Module will help you raise employee sensitivity toward this issue. It will also help you build practical strategies for handling many different types of problematic behaviors. And like our other Topic Modules, this course can help especially if you need to meet training requirements on this subject.

“This training is thorough and provides exercises that depict scenarios that can often happen in the workplace. —Karen Smith, Customer Service, NYC Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene

Comply with legislative mandates

We’re here to help you build a comprehensive workplace violence prevention policy. CPI training will also help you comply with state, provincial, and federal legislationOSHA guidelines, and more.

So what’s the ROI on CPI?

88% of organizations achieve ROI with CPI by improving staff skills and confidence.

By giving you evidence-based strategies to reduce injuries and challenging behaviors, CPI’s workplace violence prevention training will save you money. And will show your staff and customers how much you value their safety.

We'll help you feel safe at work.Get started with training