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Assessing the safety of your workplace—and the current violence prevention protocols of your health system—is the first step to protecting your team. Use our risk calculator to learn where your organization ranks on our Workplace Violence Prevention Index for health care and what you can do to reduce the risk of workplace violence.

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Workplace Violence Prevention Training Index

Setting new standards in workplace safety

To better support workplace violence prevention, we believe in keeping health care workers informed of industry trends surrounding safety preparedness.

In this free, first-of-its-kind annual report, we share findings about the current state of workplace safety and preparedness from a survey of more than 3,000 health care professionals, along with key takeaways on what your organization can do to enhance its own safety.

Proven strategies for peaceful resolution

With easy-to-use recommendations, the Workplace Violence Prevention Handbook from CPI is a free resource designed to help individuals in all levels and roles of health care improve their workplace violence prevention programming and experience immediate benefits.

Learn about key topics:

Creating and maintaining a workplace violence committee

Determining the best responses to crisis events

Conducting risk assessments and gathering data

Supporting your committee and training your staff

Creating a culture of violence prevention

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