Clinical Holding Skills for Essential Care and Treatment

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Clinical Holding

Gives you the skills to deliver essential care safely and effectively. For when treatment for a person without capacity is necessary and in the persons best interests, all while ensuring Care, Welfare, Safety and Security

Giving you the skills to deliver essential care safely and effectively

What Our Customers Say

The practical skills have been very well received and staff leave the training more confident, feeling that they could use and implement the skills taught. Staff found the course theory beneficial and felt it challenged their practice in a positive and influential manner.

Julie Knight
Julie Knight Assistant Advisor/Trainer for the Management of Aggression Belfast Trust

Training in clinical holding has improved the patient experience and the quality of the outcomes of their care, and out staff feel safe and secure in the skills they have been taught. Furthermore the Care Quality Commission was impressed with the whole training programme.

Selina Master
Selina Master Clinical Director Virgin Care Dental Services
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