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Become licensed to teach the Pivotal Curriculum course to colleagues in your school. You can complete this 'train the trainer' programme over three years, by attending a two-day course every year or you can attend our five-day 'Fast Track' course.

Level 1

Instructors are trained in how to deliver outstanding training sessions. The following units can be run as an INSET.
Unit 1: Culture. Consistency in practice: Adult mindset and adult behaviour.
Unit 2: Structure. Exceptional classroom behaviour practice: Technical skills and knowledge.
Unit 3: Change. Sanctions, rewards and restorative practice: Practical skills and techniques.
Unit 4: Anger. Managing and modifying angry learners: Intervention tactics.
Unit 5: Safety. Safeguarding learners: Level 2 equivalent.

Level 2

Licensed Instructors are trained how to coach and mentor colleagues on a one-to-one basis to enable behaviour improvements across all learning spaces, plus additional resources:
Unit 6: Mental Health. Developing  awareness of mental health: Practical guidance for adults in education.
Deep Dives 1 and 2. Advanced training resources for individuals.

Level 3

Instructors are given specialised training for developing whole school strategies for inclusion. They are trained in how to run school research projects and receive additional training in wellbeing as well as the following resources:
Unit 7: Inclusion. Practical approaches to inclusion.
Deep Dives 3 and 4. Advanced training resources for individuals.

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