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Give your school or college a behaviour upgrade

Behaviour management training should not be just a one-off event. To achieve sustainable impact and real behaviour change you need to have internal capacity for behaviour support and training. The Pivotal Curriculum is a behaviour ‘Train the Trainers’ programme that will enable your in-house Instructor to deliver outstanding behaviour training at the time that you most need it.

Through the Pivotal Curriculum we improve your internal expertise in behaviour, anger, safeguarding, mental health, and inclusion and we develop your internal capacity for staff training, coaching, mentoring and support. You don’t need to look elsewhere for training in Trauma and Attachment; these are included in our mental health and anger units.

What will the Pivotal Curriculum achieve?

  • Every adult dramatically up skilled in behaviour and safety
  • A seismic shift in culture and consistency
  • Your behaviour leads trained through our train the trainers course as Licensed Pivotal Instructors
  • Blended training that is impact assessed
The Pivotal Curriculum gives you a step-by-step process to follow. We tell you where to start and then how to develop practice and improve skills over time.  Pivotal programmes do not impose a rigid structure on you. Instead the Pivotal Curriculum enables you to create your own structure for behaviour, your own culture, your own values.

The flexibility of the programme means that you can deliver training over staff development days or in one-hour twilight sessions. You can train all staff together or work with smaller departmental teams.

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