Pivotal MAPA® Programme Details

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Pivotal MAPA® builds skills in prevention and de-escalation strategies, including Pivotal Scripted Interventions, managing behavioural risk using MAPA® disengagements and holding skills, and important Restorative Approaches which support a positive school culture. Pivotal MAPA® helps schools address the national Use of Force Guidance through a unique risk assessment madel that strengthens professional decision making.

Pivotal MAPA® training:
  • Is BILD and CPD accredited that prioritises Care, Welfare, Safety, and SecuritySM as underpinning values.
  • Improves staff confidence, knowledge, morale and skills in the classroom and throughout the school when faced with a range of behavioural situations.
  • Enhances the calm, consistent behaviour of adults working in schools.
  • Includes a range of flexible and versatile approaches for children of all ages in all settings.
  • Promotes a consistent approach and language across the school, building a positive culture around pupil behaviour.
  • Decreases risks during behavioural incidents through practice of verbal scripts to prevent escalation, as well as safe handling responses for incidents involving physical aggression, including fights.
  • Helps schools consider the national Use of Force Guidance and respond to risk behaviour through a unique decision-making model.
Training Options

Instructor Certification

Become certified to teach the programme to your staff and learn to customise the content to meet the needs of your school. The benefits, standards, policies are also examined, as well as the legal framework in which you work.

On-site Delivery
Using INSET training days, we can bring the training direct to your staff at your school.