​Sit&See® Course Topics

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At the end of the course, you will be confident and competent in using the Sit&See tool to capture care and compassion in your area of work.

Course topics include:

Why is care and compassion important?

Explain the importance of care and compassion in services, and identify key individual legal and professional responsibilities in these areas.

What is care and compassion?

Set out a definition of care and compassion, along with examples of what constitutes 'positive' and 'poor'.

Communication and observing communication

Describe the key elements in verbal and non-verbal communication, and identify fundamental principles to be followed during observation.

Understanding the tool

Outline the purpose of the tool, how it works, and some key principles for use.

Using the tool

Demonstrate a complete use of the tool through all stages, from initial observation to completion of the record.


Identify key priorities for implementation within your own work setting.


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