Special Education and Mainstream Schools
"Staff have a tried-and-tested set of skills and increased confidence that their actions will be reasonable. Pupils are supported through periods of crisis, and relationships are more easily maintained. Parents are confident that staff will not act punitively, cause pain or be too quick to use physical interventions." —Matthew Coupe, Deputy Head Teacher, Watermill School

CPI work with mainstream schools, special education establishments and special needs academies, providing comprehensive staff training programmes that help develop a culture of Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security℠. Through our range of programmes and innovative resources, our training educates and empowers teachers and other staff, creating safe and respectful school environments.

Our courses offer schools key benefits that include:

  • Compliance with and commitment to statutory regulations and standards, such as those required by Ofsted.
  • A safe and reassuring environment for staff and pupils.
  • A reduction in injuries, through deceleration methods and a decrease in physical interventions.
  • Raising staff skills in the use of verbal and non-verbal de-escalation techniques.
  • Strengthening the relationships among colleagues and pupils.
  • Boosting staff confidence in making the best decisions about using restrictive interventions.
"Enhancing de-escalation skills improves staff practice, and means pupils are less likely to need to be held." —Christopher Jackson, General Manager, Libra School
Our range of programmes will help you make a positive difference.CPI can help