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MAPA® Foundation Plus Advanced: An Enhanced Programme to Help You Develop Staff Knowledge

As there has been an even greater move towards restraint-free care or the minimisation of restraint, CPI wants to ensure that the MAPA® programme continues to provide services and staff with a wide range of preventive approaches in addition to safe, reactive physical interventions. With this in mind, we've enhanced our Advanced programme to help you develop staff knowledge to prevent conflict.

How does the enhancement affect the current Advanced programme?

Our development team spent several months looking at each unit of the Foundation programme so that the content can be expanded to provide enhanced and additional 'Advanced Content'. Additional knowledge and skills have been added throughout the programme, including:
  • Changes to the pre-test so that the concept of trauma-sensitive (-informed) care can be introduced as a theme.
  • The use of a Safety and Support Plan so that participants learn how to develop personal support plans based on prevention.
  • Additional content in Unit 1 to explicitly show links to Positive Behaviour Support (PBS).
  • Additional content in Units 2 and 4 to help participants build their non-verbal and verbal skills.
  • Additional content in Unit 6 to help staff understand and manage their fear and anxiety in a crisis situation.
  • Additional content in Unit 7 to enable staff to make more accurate assessments of behaviour so that they can implement effective preventive interventions.

How does the enhancement impact current Advanced and Emergency Instructors?

The previous Advanced and Emergency Instructor programmes have been replaced with a single MAPA® Advanced Instructor Certification. This provides Advanced content and materials across each unit. The programme now adds a wide range of knowledge and skills to the MAPA® Foundation units, helping Certified Instructors teach participants how to implement more effective preventive approaches along with existing reactive physical interventions, up to and including Emergency Responses and Emergency Floor Holding (where assessed as appropriate).

Instructors have complete flexibility regarding Units 8 and 9, and can choose to omit one or both units as determined by their organisational training needs analysis, or include and/or exclude any element of the physicals units relevant the needs of the individuals they support.

What's the impact on current Foundation Instructors?

Nothing changes, as the Foundation programme remains the same. Should a Foundation Instructor wish to gain certification for the Advanced content then they simply complete the Advanced Certification programme.

How does this impact staff who have previously completed an Advanced or Emergency programme?

There is no need to re-train staff, as their certifications via their Blue CardTM remains current until such time as they undertake a refresher. Via refreshers: if Instructors want to include Advanced content, they will be able to continue to build the knowledge and skills of staff.

Overall, the MAPA® Advanced programme offers a greater emphasis on prevention that will help Instructors and organisations drive down the use of restraint.
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