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Top 5 Stories from 2017

Take a few moments to check out some of our most popular articles from 2017.

Understanding Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) (January)
Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is a multi-component framework for understanding an individual’s challenging behaviour based upon assessing the social and physical environment in which the behaviour occurs. It is increasingly seen as the intervention of choice for services supporting people with intellectual disabilities who present challenging behaviour. Read More.

CPI Training and the Importance of Communication (May)
Salli Midgley, Assistant Director of Nursing at Humber NHS Foundation Trust highlights the impact and changes that a series of specially designed CPI workshops has had on the reduction of restrictive interventions on their Millview Lodge unit. Read More.

Singapore Philosophy and MAPA® (June)
Lesley Kandola recently visited Singapore to deliver a MAPA® Foundation Course. Here she shares her experiences and what she learnt along the way. Read More.

Transitioning to MAPA® (August)
Turning Point Scotland's Training & Development Officer, Sandra Green, describes the reasoning and process behind their transition to MAPA®. Read More.

Struggling to Cope: Violence and Aggression Faced by Mental Health Staff (October)
The public service union UNISON recently published a survey report examining mental health staff and services, and the results indicate a sector under pressure. The report looks at stress at work, cuts to services and includes a detailed analysis of the violence and aggression faced by staff in the workplace. Read More.
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