Become a CPI Approved Training Centre

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Becoming a CPI Approved Training Centre (ATC) brings with it a number of benefits for your organisation. Not only does it demonstrate your commitment to implementing the Six Core Strategies of Restraint Reduction, but it also provides discounts off Instructor Programmes and on-site consultations, plus free quarterly Training Delivery and Participation Reports. What better way to show your belief in the values and philosophy of Care, Welfare, Safety, and SecuritySM?

What Makes an ATC Organisation Stand Out?

An ATC strives for excellence in workplace practice, supported by high quality training. An ATC will:
  1. Have strong leadership responsible for creating a transparent and open organisation that promotes a culture of person-centred care and supports the rights of the individual.
  2. Maintain systems to monitor, measure and analyse the performance of services, departments and the organisation as a whole.
  3. Commit to the development of a knowledgeable and skilled workforce where training is an ongoing process of learning and development.
  4. Commit to the delivery of personalised care and support where services are based on the needs of the individual.
  5. Take a proactive approach that seeks and responds to the ideas, thoughts and opinions of those who use services, their families, carers and advocates as well as those who work within the services.
  6. Operate within a framework of continuous improvement, evaluating what it does and how it does it, and be able to identify areas for improvement and respond positively.
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