CH-3℠ Course Topics

CH-3℠ Course Topics
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The CH-3℠ programme is ideal for staff who work in a range of settings with children and adults who will not, or cannot, consent to essential care and treatment, and where behaviour may compromise the safety of procedures.

Course topics include:

Decision Making: Considering Risks

Examine key professional and legal issues. Learn to use a Decision-Making Matrix to assess the risk of restraint-related injury or harm, while taking into account the importance of policy in risk reduction.


Identify individual behaviours and why they happen, and apply this knowledge to current strategies.


Learn the importance of non-verbal and verbal communication.

Principles for Clinical Holding

What are the professional considerations for holding someone? Learn about touch zones and the key physiological principles involved in holds.

Clinical Holding Practice

Practical sessions that cover low- to high-level Clinical Interventions.

Risks of Clinical Holding

Examine person-specific risk factors, taking into account the Respiratory Triangle and identifying when to stop the use of clinical holding.

Practice Transfer

Look at the practical applications of holding and disengagement skills in clinical and care settings.


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