MAPA® Course Topics Advanced Level

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Take your MAPA® behaviour management training to the next level with our advanced option. This programme integrates expanded content across all 10 units of the Foundation Course and maintains an emphasis on preventive skills. This means that all MAPA® content, not just the physical skills, is advanced, equipping you, the instructor, with more advanced knowledge to help you implement more effective preventive approaches across your organisation.

Advanced Content:

Introducing Trauma Sensitive (Informed) Care as a theme throughout the programme.

Using a 'Safety and Support Plan' that gives participants the knowledge to develop plans based on prevention.

Guidance on how MAPA® links with and can inform your organisation's approach to Positive Behaviour Support (PBS).

Building non-verbal and verbal skills and giving participants an advanced understanding of how to manage fear and anxiety in a crisis situation.

Developing skills to give participants the ability to make more accurate assessments of behaviour so that effective preventive interventions can be used.


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