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Does your organisation support individuals whose behaviour may be more unpredictable and present a higher risk?

The MAPA® Advanced programme builds on the skills learned at Foundation level and enables staff to identify higher risks and intervene appropriately, without putting themselves or the patient/service user at unnecessary risk.

Please note: You MUST have completed the MAPA® Foundation programme before taking this advanced course.

On completion of this programme, you will be able to:

  1. Understand the critical role of workplace training as an ongoing process to ensure physical interventions are applied as safely as possible during training transfer into your workplace.
  2. Understand the principles, techniques and sources of MAPA® classroom models.
  3. Build confidence and competence in the MAPA® classroom models so that the physiological principles can be applied to problem-solve situational behaviours in the workplace.
  4. Understand how to apply the principles of MAPA® physical disengagement and holding skills to specific circumstances or high-risk situations.
  5. Identify the risks involved with advanced physical skills and how to minimise those risks during situational application in the workplace.
  6. Develop a greater understanding of the post-crisis COPING Model℠ for staff and service users following a crisis event.

Delivery Options

Instructor Certification
First the training is taught to you. Then you learn how to teach it. You can attend MAPA® Advanced as a three-day Instructor Certification Programme. To do so, you must first complete the MAPA® Foundation Instructor Certification Programme.

On-Site Delivery
We can bring the training direct to your staff at your premises. This course can be uniquely customised to meet your needs. Through consultation with our Instructor Services team, we will help you determine the right programme based on your organisation's needs and the individuals you support. You will have the opportunity to discuss and problem-solve issues within your real workplace setting. We give you maximum convenience. Simply pick a date that's convenient for you, and we'll handle everything else.


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