It is widely acknowledged that the Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards represent best practice for all organisations and services that may have a need to use restrictive physical interventions to support those in their care.
Affiliation to the Bild Association of Certified Training Providers (Bild ACT) is the official way to demonstrate and evidence your organisation is meeting the Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards. CPI’s Quality and Compliance team is here to help you become Bild ACT affiliated and meet the RRN Standards.
Let’s meet the Quality and Compliance team:


Sara MacGregor (pictured right) is the Quality & Compliance Manager. Before joining the CPI team, Sara has worked for regulatory bodies and has a wealth of experience in delivering and managing care services.

Angela Faraday is the Quality & Compliance Specialist. Having worked for CPI for 15 years she has a depth of knowledge and experience in ‘all things’ compliance.

The team work hard to manage CPI’s certification with Bild ACT ensuring that CPI continues to meet the Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards as well as supporting Certified Instructors and their organisations to meet and exceed the Standards.

The team can support you in understanding the Standards and what they mean for you, as well as assisting you with the self-assessment and sharing ideas as to how you can evidence meeting the RRN Training Standards and providing document templates for you to use. 

If you would like to start the affiliation process, you can complete the Expression of Interest Form.

For answers to questions you may have please click here for FAQs or alternatively, please call or email us to discuss how we can help you and your organisation meet the RRN Training Standards and become Bild ACT affiliated.

By email:  By phone: 0161 929 9777 (option 5)
In future editions of the Supportive Stance customer newsletter we’ll explore some of the more complex RRN Training Standards, but if there is anything specific you would like us to discuss and share please let us know by emailing