“The CPI training in Clinical Holding has improved the patient experience and quality of the outcome
of their care, and our staff feel safe and secure in the skills they have been taught. Furthermore, the
Care Quality Commission was impressed by the whole training programme.”
Selina Master
Clinical Director, Virgin Care Dental Services
“University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust partnered with CPI in 2010 to pilot an education and training solution for a range of clinical holding scenarios across its paediatric and adult services. Since this time, nearly 100 staff have experienced the pilot training with excellent feedback from delegates and the Trust has been encouraged by the opportunities for practice transfer in the clinical setting.
The Trust, together with North Bristol NHS Foundation Trust participated in an independent study to evaluate the training impact, which was undertaken by Keele University Clinical Effectiveness Support Unit (CESU) and the findings of which endorse early anecdotal observations on the success of the training.
The support provided by all members of the CPI Team during this process has been invaluable.”

Jane Buswell
Nurse Consultant- Older People and Clinical Lead Dementia Care
Mark Kellinger
Senior Health and Safety Advisor
University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust
“County Durham and Darlington Foundation Trust Community Dental Services commissioned the Two-day CH-3SM: Skills for Clinical Holding training sessions from CPI during 2011 on the basis of recommendations from colleagues in the field.
The programme provided us with a strong theoretical background, put clinical holding into an appropriate context, and gave a clear insight into the legal and ethical framework surrounding clinical holding. The training stimulated discussion of interventions currently employed and around current methods of intervention used and provided effective, safe, and appropriate alternatives in a positive, realistic way.
Feedback from the team during this training was very positive. We found the Instructors to be pleasant, professional, and respectful of our expertise and the challenges that we face in clinical practice. They delivered the training in a flexible and appropriate way. The team found especially useful the chance to explore different clinical scenarios and to apply a range of practical solutions in a dental surgery setting.
We expect that the skills acquired by the team will help us to deliver essential treatment with
confidence and competence, improve experiences and outcomes for patients, and minimise patient and carer anxiety.
We recommend this programme to similar services and look forward to seeing the positive impact of the training on our clinical practice in the future.”
Hannah Thorpe
Senior Dental Officer
County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust
Community Dental Services
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