MAPA® Foundation Programme

The MAPA® Foundation programme is modular and can be easily adapted to your particular environment providing four key learning objectives:
  1. Identify behaviour that indicates an escalation toward the aggressive and violent, and take appropriate measures to avoid, decelerate and/or de-escalate crisis situations.
  2. Assess the level of risk associated with crisis behaviour and make appropriate decisions related to the management of such risks.
  3. Use suitable and acceptable physical interventions to reduce or manage risk behaviour.
  4. Identify the impact of crisis events and describe post-crisis responses that can be used for personal and organisational support and learning.
The programme is suitable for any organisation that supports potentially vulnerable people or whose staff work with individuals who may exhibit behaviours that can challenge. Fully flexible, the programme can be tailored to your needs. For example, if you do not need physical holds but staff need disengagement skills, then the programme can be delivered in just one day.

Delivery Options


Instructor Certification

The MAPA® Foundation programme can be attended as a five-day Instructor Certification programme. As a Certified Instructor, an individual (and their organisation) will receive exceptional benefits and support, including:
  • Free professional consultation
    Our professional instructor services team is available throughout the working week to answer queries, assess needs, problem solve and offer guidance on preparing training and handling specific crisis situations.
  • Documentation of training activities
    Training delivered by Certified Instructors is then logged on our website, and records can be accessed at any time for use as evidence of those trained or reminders of refresher training needed.
  • Exclusive access to the Instructor-only section of the website
    Keep up to date on critical issues that impact your crisis intervention efforts with resources, tutorials, computer-based learning options and other interactive learning activities that are available only to Certified Instructors.
  • Ongoing professional development opportunities and resources
    Annual renewal offers a number of ways to access new learning. Other support services for Certified Instructors include:
Larger organisations might want to bring this programme in-house, and if you have at least six candidates that is certainly an option, Otherwise, we have a large schedule of open programmes here.

On-Site Delivery

Why On-Site Training?
The MAPA® Foundation programme can be uniquely customised to meet your needs. It can be held at the site of your choosing, so you’re guaranteed a comfortable, convenient setting for your group. It allows a larger number of participants to attend the training, and can aid in the immediate transfer of course techniques to real-world applications.
High-Impact Tailored Training
CPI's proven behaviour management strategies will be customised specifically for your organisation. You will have the opportunity to discuss and problem-solve issues within your real workplace setting.
Maximum Convenience
Forget about the training schedule—simply pick a date that's convenient for you. We’ll handle everything else.
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