Education and Young People’s Services
Commission for Social Care Inspection (2008)
Safe from Harm: Children's Views on Keeping Children Safe (Summary Report)

Department for Education
Behaviour and Discipline in Schools: Advice for Headteachers and School Staff (Feb 2014)
Use of reasonable force - Advice for head teachers, staff and governing bodies (2013)
Dealing with Allegations of Abuse against Teachers and other Staff
Guidance on the Use of Restrictive Physical Interventions for Staff Working with Children and Adults who Display Extreme Behaviour in Association with Learning Disability and/or Autistic Spectrum Disorders (2002)
Guidance on the Use of Restrictive Physical Interventions for Pupils with Severe Behavioural Difficulties (2003)
Royal College of Nursing (2010)
Restrictive Physical Intervention and Therapeutic Holding for Children and Young People
Youth Justice Board (YJB) (2006) – Updated 2012
Managing the Behaviour of Children and Young People in the Secure Estate - Code of Practice

Health and Social Care
British Society for Disability and Oral Health  (BSDH) (2009)
'Unlocking Barriers to Care': Guidelines for Clinical Holding Skills for Dental Services for People Unable to Comply with Routine Oral Health Care
Counter Fraud and Security Management Service (2004)
Conflict Resolution Training. Implementing the National Syllabus.
Counter Fraud and Security Management Service (2005)
Promoting Safer and Therapeutic Services. Implementing the National Syllabus in Mental Health and Learning Disability Services.
Department of Health and Department for Education and Skills (2002)
Guidance for Restrictive Physical Interventions. How to provide safe services for people with Learning Disabilities and Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
Ministry of Justice (2013)
Restraint Common Principles Letter PSG [DOC]
Independent Advisory Panel: Common-Principles-for-Safer-Restraint [PDF]

NHS Protect (2013)
Conflict Resolution Training: Implementing the Learning Aims and Outcomes [PDF]
Meeting Needs and Reducing Distress [PDF]

Mental Health

Care Quality Commission
Monitoring the use of the Mental Capacity Act Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards in 2012/13

Department for Constitutional Affairs (2007)
The Mental Capacity Act 2005: Code of Practice

Department of Health (2013)
Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat - – Improving outcomes for people experiencing mental health crisis

Ministry of Justice (2008)
Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards: Code of Practice to supplement the main Mental Capacity Act 2005 Code of Practice

Caring Solutions (UK) & University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) (2011)
Review of the Medical Theories and Research Relating to Restraint Related Deaths

Local Government Association (2013)
Winterbourne-View-Joint-Improvement-Programme [PDF]
Welsh Assembly Government (2005)
Framework for Restrictive Physical Intervention Policy and Practice