Why choose MAPA® - the Management of Actual or Potential Aggression?

MAPA® – the Management of Actual or Potential Aggression - customer reaction to 5-day Certified Instructor programme

MAPA® – gestion de l’agression reelle ou potentielle – la réaction des clients au programme de MAPA Formateur Certifiee de 5 jours organisee en partenariat avec l’Uriopss Nord Pas de Calais, France

MAPA® – le programme MAPA au service de l’amelioration continue de la qualite des pratiques professionnelles avec M. Bruno Delaval, Directeur General de l’Uriopss, Nord Pas de Calais, France et M. Claude Durot, Directeur General, ASRL (Association d’Action Sanitaire et Sociale de la Region de Lille, France)

Health Care
Healthcare organisations across the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe continue to benefit from the specialist training and support CPI provides. Click here for testimonials from a few of these organisations.
Social Care
A broad range of social care providers continue to benefit from CPI’s expertise including learning disability, mental health and elderly care providers. Please click here for testimonials from a few of these organisations.
Children and Young People's Services
CPI works with the full range of children and young people’s services. From education (mainstream, special ed, pupil referral), residential services and fostering, all the way through to secure and youth justice services. Please click here for a sample of testimonials from some of these organisations.
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