"[Following CPI training] staff have a tried and tested set of skills and therefore increased confidence that their actions will be reasonable in the eyes of the law. Pupils are supported through periods of crisis and relationships are more easily maintained - parents are confident that staff will not act punitively, cause pain or be too quick to use physical interventions."
Matthew Coupe, Deputy Head Teacher, Watermill School

The Management of Actual or Potential Aggression for Schools


Pivotal MAPA® has been specially developed for teachers, teaching assistants and others who work with children and young people.
Benefits for your school Benefits for your staff Benefits for your pupils
  • Elevate standards through evidence-informed accredited training.
  • Reduce school disruptions and use of restraint.
  • Increase time spent on teaching.
  • Support positive learning environments.
  • Improve confidence and minimise anxiety associated with uncertainty during a crisis.
  • Decrease risk of injury by reducing physical incidents.
  • Establish a common, consistent language that improves staff communication.
  • Show positive role models who can manage difficult situations.
  • Provide guidance about making positive behaviour choices.
  • Develop coping skills using restorative practices.


Safe in a Crisis


While disruptive pupil behaviour can be a reality for many staff, crisis doesn't have to be. Pivotal MAPA® is designed for schools to address today's realities so staff can confidently and safely respond to a range of behavioural situations. The programme provides prevention and deceleration strategies, including Pivotal Scripted Interventions, decision making and behavioural risk assessment, managing behavioural risk using MAPA® disengagement and holding skills, and post-crisis restorative conversations.


Training Options

Instructor Certification: Become certified to teach the programme to your staff and learn to customise the content to meet the needs of your school. The benefits, standards and policies are also examined, as well as the legal framework in which you work.

On-Site Delivery: Using inset training days, we can bring the training direct to your staff at your school.

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