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A Primary Preventative Strategy. Improve the quality of care with Sit&See

The Sit&See® tool enables services to capture care and compassion, that can help prevent abuse and improve outcomes for individuals. It’s a primary preventative strategy which provides evidence organisations can use to support continued improvement, whether they work with children, young people or adults. Positive care and compassion is fundamental in the development of safe cultures of care and supports organisations, those in their care and staff to implement and sustain strong and positive person-centred relationships.

For those who use the tool, they see care through the patient's eyes, which gives them an understanding of the differences their interactions can really make to patient dignity, care and compassion.

Sit&See also helps demonstrate compliance with regulatory standards required by such bodies as the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and Ofsted.

The tool can be used in any environment and there are versions to suit all environments, including:
  • Hospital Services
  • Community Services (including Primary Care)
  • Care Homes
  • Mental Health Services
  • Special Education Needs
  • High Secure Services
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