Outcomes First Group (OFG) is the UK's leading specialist provider of special education, therapeutic services and care for vulnerable children, young people and adults.

Having acquired a range of new services together with their incumbent training providers, OFG was keen to embed consistency in the quality of behaviour training with theoretical content across the group.

Sam Rennells, National Wellbeing Manager, OFG, was aware of the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) – founder of the Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) - and understood how important it is to be compliant with the RRN Training Standards.

Varied behaviour levels

He said: “The level of behaviour that staff within each newly acquired service had to deal with varied dramatically. Each service had its own resident training provider and packages which made it difficult to audit and evaluate compliance across these services.

“Keen to streamline training across the new services we appointed CPI - a worldwide leader in evidence-based de-escalation and crisis prevention training – to deliver training across all our new services.”

As many as 150 instructors were identified and training began in August 2020 with a blended approach of online / virtual and face-to-face training chosen as the best option.

“The blended training provided by CPI complemented the way in which we had started to do training internally,” Sam added. “The Safety Intervention Foundation blended training involves three to four hours of online / virtual and three days of face-to-face training.

“Our first cohort of staff have now successfully completed CPI’s Foundation programme and by the end of 2021 will be trained to Advanced level.  A Training Needs Assessment will then determine which of our services will roll this out to their staff.

Outstanding support

“CPI’s training was rolled out quickly and efficiently and the level of support provided has been outstanding,” Sam said.

“Having successfully completed the course with its theoretical content, our new staff now have a better understanding of behaviour and are equipped with the skills to prevent the escalation of crises using early intervention strategies.

“CPI’s customer support is excellent; follow up workshops with both the Certified Instructors and Board members of the Outcomes First Group have been delivered across the organisation, ensuring all staff are fully equipped with these essential skills.”