From juggling virtual and in-person classrooms, addressing challenging behaviors and addressing parental concerns, to nurturing students’ successes and supporting your fellow educators, 2021 has been a year for the (text)books.

At CPI, we’re continually sharing the latest evidence-based reading resources for teachers to help you succeed. Educators like you found these eBooks and blogs helpful this year. We welcome you to download your personal copies and share the links with your fellow educators.

Top 5 eBooks for Educators

  1. Trauma-Informed Care for Educators
    You may encounter both students and colleagues that have been impacted by trauma. This guide provides a deeper awareness of trauma-related concepts and an understanding of trauma’s effects on behavior.

  2. PBIS Resources Guide
    Support positive behavior changes with insight into why students behave the way they do, strategies for controlling your own responses to difficult behavior, and more.

  3. 4 Qualities of Safe and Caring Schools
    Making schools safer is a daunting but vital task—after all, teachers need to remain focused on teaching and students need the support and safety to learn. This eBook provides proactive, time-tested strategies that support meaningful cultures of safety and caring.

  4. School Culture Resources Guide
    Building a positive school culture comes down to helping everyone in your school prioritize safety and respect. This guide will help you put policies in place, nurture staff development, and bring the focus back to teaching.

  5. School Safety Grants
    What if you could train all your staff without dipping into your annual budget? This guide can help you find available federal, state, and foundation grants for school safety training, and how to apply for them.

Top 5 Blogs for Educators

  1. What is Trauma-Informed Teaching and a Trauma-Responsive School?
    In trauma-informed teaching and a trauma-responsive school, social and emotional learning occur throughout the day, creating a culture of safety and connection.

  2. The Importance of Positive School Climate and Classroom Culture
    A positive school climate that supports and empowers teachers and students alike can drive a range of positive outcomes that extend far beyond the classroom.

  3. Behavior is Communication: A Deeper Dive
    Educators know that behavior is communication. But do you know what’s beneath the behavior as you interact with your students all day long?

  4. CPI Training Helped me Address Student Trauma
    Teachers have an important role to play in dealing with student trauma. CPI training can help you make a lasting, positive impact in children’s lives.

  5. Intuition vs. Logic: How Educators Can Keep Their Emotional Brain in Check
    You can’t make rational decisions in your classroom if you are too emotional, but you need the emotional brain to rationally sort through options, too. CPI share strategies to help educators find that balance.

In the spirit of giving, what advice do you have for your fellow educators? Share in the comments below.