Dementia Care Professionals

Help people living with dementia enjoy the high quality of life they deserve.

Training Focused on Person-Centered Dementia Care

CPI’s training strategies and techniques focus on the Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security℠ of all patients and staff, and give caregivers the tools they need to be the best care partner for those living at all stages of dementia.

  • Promote a person-centered care culture
  • Reduce pharmacological interventions
  • Help ensure consistent care delivery

Dementia Capable Care, 2nd Edition

Dementia Capable Care Training is an evidence-based dementia and behavior training program that helps front-line staff be the best care partner for those living at different stages of dementia.

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Verbal Intervention Training

Verbal Intervention Training is for dementia care roles that require a non-physical approach to intervention. This training focuses on de-escalation strategies which result in safe, non-restrictive interventions.

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Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Training

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Training provides staff with the skills needed to safely de-escalate crisis situations through either restrictive or non-restrictive interventions.

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Dementia Care Specialists’ Consulting Workshops

Our implementation workshops put best-in-class training and a comprehensive care model into action to help you make person-centered, stage-specific care a reality in your facility.

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Dementia Care Success Stories

“Change is often difficult for families to accept and adjust to, but the training has provided an ability to unemotionally point out the subtleties of behavioral changes that accompany dementia and the steps that can be taken to prevent further complications.”

Mary Jean Lafata
CNS Home Health & Hospice Carol Stream, IL

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Renewal Programs

We provide multiple renewal certification programs for Certified Instructors, including NCI Specialized Renewal: Trauma and a dual certification offering that combines Dementia Capable Care Training with nonviolent crisis intervention techniques.

CPI Delivers Results


Of customers have improved behavioral responses with clients

98% of customers have improved behavioral responses with clients

CPI’s dementia care training helped staff promote positive behavioral responses.

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Of customers agree they’ve gained a competitive edge

73% of customers agree they’ve gained a competitive edge

CPI’s dementia care training provides a competitive edge and solid marketing advantage.

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Over 75%

Improvement in dementia care practices

Over 75% improvement in dementia care practices

Dementia Capable Care training has made a positive impact on the Louisiana Healthcare Consultants.

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Support family caregivers in providing care.

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