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Dive deep into even more ways to enhance care and safety for everyone.
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Want even more tools to customize training for your staff? With deep-dive courses, you build on the Foundation Course, giving staff more strategies for preventing problems and improving safety.

NCITM Specialized Renewal: Autism Spectrum Disorder

This blended learning course teaches you how to tailor your training sessions for staff who work with individuals on the autism spectrum. Featuring online learning and case studies, and two days of classroom instruction, the cours will leave you fully prepared to incorporate ASD-specific support into the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® techniques that you already practice.

Is This Course for Me?

If you’re a Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Certified Instructor, it sure is! Enroll now (login required).

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What Will I Learn?

You’ll learn new ways to help staff see cognitive processing differences as strengths rather than deficits. You’ll learn how to help staff understand behaviors even better. And you’ll learn how to teach staff specialized communication skills for responding to behaviors appropriately. You’ll also get:

  • Examples of behaviors that individuals on the autism spectrum might display.
  • Four video-based case studies to connect what you learn to the real world.
  • Physical intervention skills with ASD-specific considerations.
  • An Autism Spectrum Disorder Training Tool Planner, and planning time, to prepare you for integrating this training into your current process.

You’ll Be Fully Equipped to Tailor Your Trainings!

When you complete this course, you can start integrating its content into the classes you teach right away. No need to purchase additional learning materials to start tailoring your trainings immediately. Teach what you learn, and you and your staff will say this is the best of any autism training courses you could ever take!

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Foundation Course With Advanced Physical Skills

This five-day in-person course gives you effective tools for teaching staff how to manage higher risk or complex behaviors. You’ll gain a deep understanding of Foundation Course principles. You’ll also expand on physical skills and learn more ways to minimize their use and duration.

Is This Course for Me?

In most organizations, the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Foundation Course offers the optimal mix of concepts and skills to safely address the behaviors staff encounter. However, if your organization supports people who are likely to demonstrate higher risk behaviors, this course gives you facilitation strategies for teaching staff advanced physical interventions. It also shows you how to teach additional skills in risk assessment, problem solving, and prevention.

Already a Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Certified Instructor? You can take this course as a renewal option. Enroll now (login required).

Not an Instructor yet? Find out how to become one.

What Will I Learn?

Day 1
You’ll experience Units 1–8 of the Foundation Course, integrated with additional considerations for advanced physical skills. Content includes prevention and deceleration strategies, decision making, and CPI’s disengagement skills.

Day 2
You’ll practice CPI’s holding skills and learn to apply safe, biomechanical principles in a range of scenarios. As always, you’ll learn holding skills that are person-centered, reasonable, and proportionate to an individual’s risk behavior. You’ll also learn responses for managing extreme physical risk behaviors. While continuously assessing risks, you’ll apply frameworks for decision making to reduce the level of restriction and/or to disengage from a hold.

Day 3
You’ll complete the final components of the content. By midday, you’ll shift from learning content to developing your skills for teaching the strategies to your staff. You’ll learn to maximize adult learning retention and improve staff’s transfer of concepts from the classroom to your workplace.

Day 4
You’ll deepen your knowledge by applying the learning strategies acquired in Day 3 and practicing your content delivery. During your teach-backs, you’ll demonstrate your knowledge and presentation ability with Practicum Assignments, Teaching Physical Skills, and Physical Skills Confirmation.

Day 5
You’ll continue with Physical Skills Confirmation and take a written exam to ensure comprehension and competency. The program concludes with a deeper discussion about what it means to be a CPI Certified Instructor, roles and responsibilities, and strategies to assure that your staff are able to provide Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security℠ in your organization.

Leave Fully Equipped to Tailor Your Trainings!

You’ll leave equipped to start teaching the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Foundation Course With Advanced Physical Skills immediately. You’ll receive valuable support tools and training resources, including a comprehensive Instructor Guide that contains:

  • Prerequisites and requirements for teaching each advanced physical skill
  • Additional considerations for using the higher-risk physical skills
  • Expanded activities for the Risks of Restraint and the Opt-Out Sequence
  • Added images of Classroom Models for the advanced physical skills
  • Color-coded pathways and icons to differentiate advanced from foundational content
  • Flexible delivery options that allow you to respond to learner needs by using an Instructor-centered or a learner-centered approach in class
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