​Advanced and Instructor Excellence Renewal Courses

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The Instructor Excellence Renewal Process: Ongoing Training and Practical Testing

As a component of the Instructor Excellence Renewal Process, once every two years Certified Instructors are required to attend and complete a qualifying Instructor Excellence Renewal Course, which includes both written and physical competency testing.

We believe that this renewal process will benefit you as a Certified Instructor, as well as those you teach. Most importantly, it will strengthen your facility's ability to provide for the Care, Welfare, Safety, and SecuritySM of the individuals in your care.

We understand that you deal with a range of challenges every day. To help you tailor your trainings to the needs of your staff and the individuals in your care, we offer a variety of advanced courses on topics such as:
We’re currently updating our advanced course materials to support the enhancements we’ve made to the core Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® program.

In the meantime, Certified Instructors can still participate in advanced course content to deepen their skills for addressing specific issues. These and other specialized courses are available as onsite programs—conducted at your organization, at your convenience, and customized to address your needs.

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