Topic Modules

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Active Prepare Training® program Certified Instructors who have successfully completed the Instructor Certification Program may teach any Topic Module. These modules allow more in-depth customization to address the unique needs of employees and the evolving issues of the organization. Designed to be taught in two-to-three-hour segments, these information-packed modules are continually updated to address a variety of issues for identified employee groups.


The current library of Topic Modules includes:



  • Topic Modules are designed to be taught in a minimum of two hours and provide the opportunity for participants to learn key skill sets in areas most appropriate to their workplace and/or job duties.
  • Class size should not exceed 40 participants. Larger groups reduce the quality of the program, and it becomes a challenge to provide Due Care for participants.
  • Topic Modules can be utilized to refresh skills and concepts taught in the Foundation Course. In addition, the modules build on previous knowledge through the introduction of new skills.