Workplace Violence Prevention from the Industry Leader.

CPI training programs provide de-escalation strategies and techniques for all levels of health care professional.

With a focus on the Care, Welfare, Safety, and SecuritySM of your staff and the patients in their care, our techniques will help you:

  • Prevent and de-escalate challenging patient behaviors
  • Integrate person-centered, trauma-informed best practices
  • Unify departments with a common crisis response plan
  • Reduce staff turnover and increase job satisfaction
  • Develop a comprehensive workplace violence prevention policy
  • Meet your facilities’ state and federal legislation requirements

Health Care Success Stories

“In as little as a day after their training, team members from all areas, including the ICU, psychiatric, and ER, were using the skills learned during CPI training to keep themselves safe on the job. And working with CPI has been a true partnership from the start, with ongoing support long after we signed the contract.”

Odette Perriel,

Maine Medical Center, Maine

Instill a Consistent Crisis Response Across Your Facility.

CPI offers evidence-based training solutions for every level of risk your facility faces. Join our growing community of 38,000 Certified Instructors worldwide providing CPI training to colleagues within their organization. Get started by finding a program near you.