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Authored by health care professionals for health care professionals, the Workplace Violence Prevention Handbook from CPI is a comprehensive resource designed to help you establish and sustain an effective workplace violence prevention program.

Addresses Key Topics:

  • Creating and maintaining a workplace violence committee
  • Determining the best responses to crisis events
  • Conducting risk assessments and gathering data
  • Supporting your committee and training your staff
  • Creating a culture of violence prevention

About the Survey

This short survey is focused on how workplace violence has impacted you and your organization. In addition to receiving a digital copy of the handbook, you will help us present a clear picture of what organizations like yours can do to establish and maintain a workplace violence prevention program.

About the Authors

Kimberly A. Urbanek is the System Manager, Public Safety at Edward-Elmhurst Health in the Chicago area. A sought-after advisor and expert in the field, Kim has over 20 years of leadership experience in healthcare environments with a focus on Safety, Emergency Management, Threat Preparedness, and Workplace Violence Prevention.

Kyle J. Graham is the Clinical Leader for Canada’s largest pediatric in-patient mental health program. He has over 25 years of experience working with and managing in the acute care setting. He is a certified member and management chair for the Joint Health and Safety Committee and takes an active role with workplace violence prevention at his organization and beyond.

Also available in print through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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