CPI's Hybrid Investment Calculator
With Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® hybrid training, cost-savings opportunities exist for many organizations. Due to less staff time necessary for classroom training and more time on the job, cost savings may be realized for replacement staff, pay stipends, shift differentials, etc.


CPI's Hybrid Investment Calculator is a tool to assist your organization in identifying the opportunities for cost savings and to define a method for the calculation of the savings. Please fill in the six fields below with the information specific to your organization, and your potential savings will be automatically calculated and displayed in the Cost Savings box below.


1. Number of staff to be trained
2. Average hourly rate, overtime rate, or average hourly rate for replacement staff for those trained $
3. Average number of staff per training program
4. Average hourly Certified Instructor rate $
5. Length of hybrid training program
(Minimum length for hybrid training is four hours.)
6. Length of traditional training program
(Minimum length for traditional training is eight hours.)
Cost Savings Through the Use of Hybrid Training
  Traditional Hybrid
Total Replacement Staff Investment    
Total Instructor Investment    
Total Material Investment    
Total Training Investment    
Savings With the Hybrid Delivery Option  
Replacement Staff Investment Traditional Hybrid
# of staff to be trained    
Average hourly employee rate of replacement staff    
# of hours of training program    
Instructor Investment    
# of staff to be trained    
Average # of staff per program    
Total programs    
Length of program    
Average hourly Instructor rate    
Training Material Investment    
# of training materials needed    
Training material cost per participant    

Calculation Assumptions

  1. Replacement staff/overtime is not required for staff while they are taking the computer-based portion of the hybrid option.
  2. The minimum classroom time is eight hours for the traditional method and four hours for the hybrid method.
  3. The Certified Instructor does not need dedicated time to answer learner questions during the computer-based portion of the hybrid option.