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Our Training Approach

Our train-the-trainer framework certifies your staff to become de-escalation and crisis prevention experts, who teach and apply these new skills and behaviors to staff across your organization.



Our proven model allows you to customize your training based on roles and risk levels, ensuring the right staff receive the right training. And when staff have the training they need to feel safe and confident in the workplace, you increase your retention and job satisfaction rates.

Ongoing Support Beyond Initial Training

Learning, coaching, and support from CPI continue even after you complete your certification. We offer guidance to your Certified Instructors with free refresher training, phone support for questions and concerns, and online resources.

On the Phone

Our Training Support Team is available to help problem solve any training issue, including how to:

  • Implement an organization-wide violence prevention plan that provides all staff with the right level of training.
  • Develop effective policies and procedures and improve upon those already in place.
  • Discuss training standards and best practices for more effective training events within your organization.


Certified Instructors have exclusive access to online resources, including:

  • On-demand webinars to help plan and deliver effective training programs.
  • Training documentation with online roster submission and electronic record-keeping.
  • eNewsletters and on-demand materials that offer guidance, tips, tools, and legislative and regulatory updates.


Joining our growing community of Certified Instructors provides access to:

  • Free refresher courses; available as needed to help gauge proficiency and prevent training drift.
  • Biennial Certified Instructors’ Conferences to share ideas and gain new skills alongside fellow Instructors.
  • The largest network of Instructors in your industry, facing similar challenges and aiming for the same workplace safety goals.

Training Delivery Options

CPI training is available in an array of formats to accommodate the needs of each organization.

Find Training Near You
CPI schedules more than 500 training events annually in North America alone, making it easy to find a training program in your area.
Find a Training Near You
CPI Trains at Your Organization
A CPI Global Professional Instructor facilitates training on-site with your designated Certified Instructors.
Ask Us About On-site Training
Direct Delivery
If you do not have the appropriate staff to serve as Certified Instructors, CPI will come to your organization and train your staff directly.
Ask Us About Direct Delivery

Successful Implementation of CPI Training

The following recommendations from CPI help ensure your successful implementation of training, providing better cross-departmental collaboration, quicker and more efficient crisis response times, and increased staff confidence and retention.

Select the right Certified Instructors
Certified Instructors will have a significant impact on the overall success of the CPI training program at your organization.
Follow the recommended training ratio
CPI recommends a 1:50 Certified Instructor to staff ratio, allowing each Certified Instructor to perform two, 25-person trainings each year.
One Certified Instructor per building
Establishing one Certified Instructor per building helps empower your staff, leading to quicker, more efficient crisis response times.

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