CPI Verbal Intervention™ Training

De-escalate crisis before it gets physical.

CPI Verbal Intervention Training is a competency-based training program with an emphasis on verbal de-escalation. It combines knowledge acquisition, review, in-person practice, and ongoing reinforcement to ensure staff is competent and confident in de-escalating moments of crisis. And with 60% of workplace violence occurring in healthcare, helping you de-escalate crisis before it gets physical is our top priority.

Risk Level Chart
Highest Risk Level: Restrain
CPI Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Advanced Skills
High Risk Level: Intervene
CPI Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Training
Medium Risk Level: Respond
CPI Verbal Intervention™ Training
Low Risk Level: Recognize
CPI Prevention First™ Online Training

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95% of customers
improved staff de-escalation skills and overall safety

82% decline
in workers' compensation claims

Designed for a medium-risk population

  • Interacts with volatile patients less frequently; more likely to experience verbal (non-physical) abuse from patients or relatives of patients.

  • Intended for staff who need the confidence and skills to verbally respond to disruptive behaviors, preventing further escalation.

  • Impacts broad healthcare population (i.e. 38% of hospital employees).

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When it comes to medium-risk crisis prevention, we have the right solutions.

Every organization is different, with its own unique risks, responsibilities, and needs. That's why we custom curate a training solution for your requirements with our crisis prevention experts. CPI Verbal Intervention Training provides staff with verbal de-escalation skills and safety strategies so they can respond to and stop potential crisis situations from ever arising.

CPI training model: train-the-trainer

We train you. You train staff.

We believe that the train-the-trainer approach ensures successful delivery of workplace violence training.

To set up a consultation, call the CPI Support Team, or fill out the online form.

Why the Crisis Prevention Institute?

Nurse providing support for woman in wheel chair

I am very satisfied with CPI. There haven't been any injuries to staff or those we care for since we implemented a comprehensive training program for staff.

Certified Instructor
Instructor discussing topics with class

I love being a CPI Instructor, and I actually look forward to my re-certifications.

Certified Instructor
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CPI consultants always provide timely feedback and are supportive, well-trained, and professional.

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