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By Chris Arnold | Posted on 09.03.2015 | with 0 comments
Anxiety. Flying off the handle. Unable to structure. Not understanding cause and effect. FASD is an invisible disability with a host of symptoms. Here are strategies to help.  Read more »
ACLU Lawsuit Reignites Debate on Restraint in Schools
By Terry Vittone | Posted on 09.02.2015 | with 0 comments
A video of a Kentucky school resource officer handcuffing an 8-year-old boy with ADHD reignited debate (and spurred an ACLU lawsuit) over the practice of restraint in schools.  Read more »
5 Ways to Cope With a Loved One’s Dementia
By Erin Harris | Posted on 08.31.2015 | with 1 comments
Guilt and anxiety are taking a toll on a family caregiver, but our community has strategies for coping.  Read more »
From Care Provider to Care Receiver
By Tom Stadnisky | Posted on 08.28.2015 | with 0 comments
I help people with brain injury rebuild their futures. But when I was diagnosed with epilepsy, I needed help rebuilding my own.  Read more »
Does Your Dementia Care Facility Meet These Standards?
By Kim Warchol | Posted on 08.27.2015 | with 0 comments
Families and regulations are demanding more training, better activities, and dementia-friendly design. You can exceed standards and be a leader in the best possible care.  Read more »
How Hospital Staff in China Are Preventing Healthcare Violence
By Erin Harris | Posted on 08.26.2015 | with 0 comments
Staff are learning strategies to handle (and PREVENT!) explosive situations.  Read more »
How to Meet the Massachusetts Dementia Care Regulations
By Kim Warchol | Posted on 08.25.2015 | with 0 comments
Does your community meet these standards for training, person-centered activities, and a dementia-friendly environment?  Read more »
Your Back-to-School Special Ed Classroom Checklist
By Laura Merkle | Posted on 08.24.2015 | with 0 comments
Try these tips to start your program on the right foot!  Read more »
Individualized Education Plan
By Robert Rettmann | Posted on 08.20.2015 | with 0 comments
These supports—and all the jargon that goes with them—can be tough to unravel, especially when you’re already overwhelmed. But here’s some help.  Read more »
Props to These 6 Teachers Who Rock It All Year
By Erin Harris | Posted on 08.19.2015 | with 2 comments
These six rockstars are among the millions who deserve our gratitude every day!  Read more »
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