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Every Life Matters
By D.C. Foster | Posted on 08.25.2016 | with 0 comments
Black Lives Matter. Blue Lives Matter. All Lives Matter. We can and must come together to be seen, heard, accepted, and respected. Read more »
4 Calming Techniques for Kids and Adults
By Aryn Lietzke | Posted on 08.24.2016 | with 0 comments
We all need ways to recharge and manage stress. Read more »
How CPI Helps Me as a Least Restraint Champion
By Erica Howard | Posted on 08.17.2016 | with 0 comments
I’ve always had a love for these techniques, and I’m absolutely giddy to come back to my organization and teach.     Read more »
How to Comply With Cal-OSHA’s Proposed Regulations
By Daniel Gugala | Posted on 08.12.2016 | with 0 comments
When it comes to dealing with workplace violence, CPI has you covered. Here’s how to implement prevention strategies and personal safety techniques that work. Read more »
Why Good Crisis Prevention Training Is Paramount
By D.C. Foster | Posted on 08.05.2016 | with 0 comments
Behavioral health intervention specialist D.C. Foster explains how training builds skills for using proportionate interventions. Read more »
A Surprising Way to Make This School Year More Productive
By Randy Boardman | Posted on 07.29.2016 | with 3 comments
For more success, for more students, more of the time, you may find answers by asking an unexpected question. Read more »
3 Ways to Stop Chaos and Start Respect
By Lesley Rynders | Posted on 07.28.2016 | with 2 comments
What if you could turn on the news and see less hate? Read more »
“I Want to Go Home!” What Elopement and Wandering Mean for Individuals With Dementia
By Erin Harris, Sharon Jackson | Posted on 07.22.2016 | with 3 comments
What should you do when someone with dementia tries to head out the door? Use these tips for prevention, protection, and to understand where the person is really trying to go. Read more »
Does Staff Training Prevent Harassment?
By William Badzmierowski | Posted on 07.15.2016 | with 1 comments
Training is essential to stop harassment. Here's what it needs to be effective. Read more »
5 Ways to Improve Relationships With Educational Assistants & Paraprofessionals
By Jennifer Taylor and Michael Edward | Posted on 07.12.2016 | with 1 comments
Teachers, here’s how to develop rapport with assistants and empower them to help your students learn both academically and behaviorally. Read more »
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