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The Most Valuable Lessons I've Learned Were From a Dementia Patient
By Donna Roe | Posted on 02.02.2016 | with 1 comments
As an experienced OT, the most valuable lessons I've learned were not from my years of formal education. They were from patients like Karl.  Read more »
Risk Behaviors: This Powerful Decision-Making Tool Helps You Reduce Risk and Injuries
By Matthew Danek | Posted on 02.01.2016 | with 2 comments
When someone threatens you with risk behaviors, the Decision-Making Matrix helps you choose the safest intervention to prevent everyone from getting hurt.  Read more »
How I Calmed an Upset Patient and Prevented a Bad Situation From Getting Worse
By James Spoerl | Posted on 01.28.2016 | with 3 comments
A man was yelling at staff, refusing to get out of the transport van. What I did isn’t typical in facilities like ours, but it calmed the situation down for everyone.      Read more »
Team Intervention Strategies: How to Help Yourself and Others Stay Safe
By Matthew Laska | Posted on 01.22.2016 | with 1 comments
“I can handle this on my own.” Ever thought that—and then regretted it? Find out why you need team intervention strategies, and get tips for success.  Read more »
Special Education Strategies for General Education Teachers: Crossing the Divide
By Eric Purdy | Posted on 01.21.2016 | with 0 comments
Something happened when I found myself in front of 40 special and general education professionals. We started breaking down walls.  Read more »
How We Keep Experienced Hospital Workers Engaged in Training
By Lisa Quintero-Prewitt | Posted on 01.20.2016 | with 4 comments
How do you teach staff who say training doesn't work? This veteran Instructor has four tips for showing staff how CPI works in real life.  Read more »
A 3-Step Response Strategy for Any Difficult Question
By Robert Rettmann | Posted on 01.18.2016 | with 0 comments
Whether someone's trying to pull you into a power struggle or they're just looking for information, take these steps to make your response a breeze.   Read more »
Special Needs School Bus Supervisor Featured on Unrestrained, the CPI Podcast Series
By Terry Vittone | Posted on 01.13.2016 | with 0 comments
Jesse Hill, special needs driver supervisor for Academy School District 20 in Colorado Springs, talks about the role that CPI training plays in helping to create and sustain supportive, least-restrictive environments for students, drivers, parents, and peers.      Read more »
empathy stories
By Randy Boardman | Posted on 01.11.2016 | with 1 comments
He didn't need my pity, just my respect. Here's how I erased the “in” from “invisible.”  Read more »
What Our Customers Say About CPI Training Enhancements
By Erin Harris | Posted on 01.08.2016 | with 0 comments
We want you to have every strategy to manage, and better yet, PREVENT a crisis. Here's what Certified Instructors say about the enhancements we've made to help you more than ever.  Read more »
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