Reducing Healthcare Violence
By Kendra Stea | Posted on 06.05.2013 | with 2 comments
There is no acceptable level of violence in healthcare. We must equip staff with skills and strategies for reducing healthcare violence.  Read more »
12 Things You Should Say to a Family Caregiver
By Becky Benishek | Posted on 05.23.2013 | with 2 comments
What can people do for caregivers that will help them out? Find out the top 12 things people most want to hear or would love to have done.  Read more »
CPI Supports the Keeping All Students Safe Act
By Tony Jace | Posted on 05.21.2013 | with 0 comments
It’s vital that educators have the skills to de-escalate aggressive behavior in a way that’s as safe as possible. Staff must be trained in prevention skills. And as the Keeping All Students Safe Act outlines, staff should receive ongoing training in how to use safer physical restraint techniques only as a last resort. Using safer tec...  Read more »
The Benefits of CPI Training: A Nurse’s View
By Mark Gorman | Posted on 05.15.2013 | with 0 comments
One of the great things about working for CPI is the passion that the folk here have for what we do. The belief that whatever the travails of the working day, our training is making a big impact on the lives of those we train and those they support. Recently, I received an email from a participant which reminded me just why I haul myself out of ...  Read more »
Honoring Educators During Teacher Appreciation Week and Beyond
By Tony Jace | Posted on 05.03.2013 | with 0 comments
With National Teacher Day and Teacher Appreciation Week coming up, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank educators for their hard work and dedication. As a training organization, we have the opportunity to work with and support educators every day who are committed to creating positive learning climates for all students.  Read more »
Therapists: Help Us Create a Dementia Capable Society!
By Kim Warchol | Posted on 05.02.2013 | with 0 comments
I wanted to tell you about a great time I had co-teaching our Dementia Therapy Intermediate training program last week. Our group of participants are part of the dementia care solution, as evidenced by their efforts to nurture their expertise and foster their passion for our shared mission to improve quality of life for people with deme...  Read more »
4 Quick Tips for Managing Workplace Bullying
By Kendra Stea | Posted on 05.01.2013 | with 4 comments
Lateral violence, horizontal violence, bullying . . . I’ve heard all these phrases used to describe the unsavory behavior that occurs from time to time within organizations between colleagues. Here are four quick tips for managing this issue.  Read more »
5 Tips for Reducing Violence in Your Hospital
By Kendra Stea | Posted on 04.26.2013 | with 0 comments
What a pleasure it was to spend a few hours yesterday delivering a webinar titled Create a Culture of Safety: How to Reduce Intimidation and Violence in Health Care Facilities. Check out these tips from our webinar and start making your hospital a safer place.  Read more »
Respect Is Central to Prevention
By Raquelle Solon | Posted on 04.25.2013 | with 0 comments
I’m happy to share with you a word cloud that features words we use frequently in the Prepare Training® program. It’s fitting that the word respect landed in the center of the image, because respecting others is central to workplace violence prevention.  Read more »
Dreams of an Ideal World
By Mark Gorman | Posted on 04.10.2013 | with 0 comments
People’s views of an ideal world do of course vary by individual, by circumstance, by a whole range of factors, but a lot of the time their ideal world would be populated by people like them and nothing bad would ever happen. Whilst there are many elements to my own idea of an ideal world, there are two that should be simple and don’...  Read more »
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