In the Heat of the Moment
By Raquelle Solon | Posted on 04.08.2013 | with 0 comments
Recently I had a heated encounter with a woman whose son had been harassing my son, who is physically disabled. In looking back, I can pick out a few things I think I did well during the situation. Find out what I did, and come learn how you can handle difficult situations in a similar way, to ensure safety and respect for yourself, as well as t...  Read more »
Hospital Culture: 5 Tips for Changing Yours
By Kendra Stea | Posted on 04.08.2013 | with 0 comments
I’m heading out to work with a large in-patient psychiatric facility that’s on quite a road to successful culture change. Over the past five or six years, they’ve been taking small steps toward what will soon be actualized as a whole new way of caring for their patients--a new hospital culture.  Read more »
Be Part of the Solution: Join Our Dementia Capable Network
By Kim Warchol | Posted on 04.03.2013 | with 3 comments
Join our network and become a part of the solution! Together, with common skills and approaches to dementia care, we can help people with dementia and their families.  Read more »
Employee Debriefing Strategies
By William Badzmierowski | Posted on 03.26.2013 | with 2 comments
Debriefing employees after crisis events has been a sensitive, controversial, and widely debated practice for over a decade. It is important to differentiate CPI’s post-crisis debriefing model from other valid and valuable models.  Read more »
CPI Receives ISA’s Business of the Year Award
By Tony Jace | Posted on 03.26.2013 | with 2 comments
I’m honored that CPI was recently presented with ISA’s 2013 Business of the Year award for consistently outperforming in the training industry in terms of quality, revenue, growth, and recognition. In short, for exemplifying all the success that ISA members aspire to!  Read more »
Help, Hope, and Support: What We Must Do Now to Help the Millions Living With Alzheimer’s
By Kim Warchol | Posted on 03.21.2013 | with 0 comments
It’s important that we as a society center our efforts on more than just research. A coordinated effort must include enveloping the millions of people living with Alzheimer’s/dementia today with the help and guidance of occupational therapists, nurses, and other health professionals who have specialized dementia management skills.  Read more »
Provision Living: Raising the Standard for Memory Care
By Kim Warchol | Posted on 03.18.2013 | with 1 comments
Check out this video with Maureen Rodgers of Provision Living. I’m happy that Provision Living is pursuing our Distinguished Provider recognition for all their communities. As Maureen says, this professional acknowledgment is a symbol of each community’s commitment to deepening their skills, their training, and their passion for deli...  Read more »
ACT Now to Attend the 2013 Instructors’ Conference: Training Customization!
By Tony Jace | Posted on 03.15.2013 | with 4 comments
I’m looking forward to seeing you at our Conference this July, where we’ll help you Adapt, Customize, and Tailor your Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® trainings to address your team’s specific issues.  Read more »
The Tribe Has Spoken
By Greg Haag | Posted on 03.15.2013 | with 0 comments
A recent episode of the TV show Survivor is making quite the buzz. No, the latest winner wasn’t announced. It’s because one of the contestants had an angry outburst that has viewers talking, and in some cases laughing, about what happened. This type of behavior may be funny on TV, but it ain’t so funny when it’s happening...  Read more »
Breaking the Stigma Associated With Mental Illness
By Kendra Stea | Posted on 02.27.2013 | with 2 comments
I wonder when we can reach parity in treating mental health and physical health in the same way. There are many “silent” physical illnesses and we strive not to judge individuals living with diabetes, chronic pain, lupus, heart disease, epilepsy, etc. But what about bipolar disorder, or PTSD, or addiction, or depression, or schizophr...  Read more »
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