Students—Don’t Eat Alone Today

February 13, 2015
Colored pencils next to a stack of books.

Today, Friday, February 13, is National No One Eats Alone Day.

No One Eats Alone, a program from Beyond Differences, is a student-led lunchtime initiative that makes it simple and easy for kids to bring social inclusion to their middle schools.

Founded by the parents of Lili Smith, who had been socially isolated in her middle school years due to her cranial facial syndrome, Beyond Differences is devoted to changing the culture of middle schools through student leadership, using the key tenets of acceptance and inclusion.

Most importantly, the kids are in charge. Empowering teens to make these decisions and changes helps make those changes stick.

If you also believe “all kids [should] feel included, valued, and accepted by their peers,” join over 400,000 students across the country and sign up for No One Eats Alone today. Students, parents, and educators are all welcome.

Missed it this year? Schools can hold No One Eats Alone events any time!

Check out these news stories about the program, and grab our latest podcast from Annie Fox about friendships and social courage in kids.

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