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CPI Training for Retail Associates

Learn crisis intervention techniques that create a culture of safety and respect in retail workplaces.

CPI Courses

Training Programs for Safer Employee-Customer Interactions

CPI’s de-escalation training focuses on the Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security of all retail employees and customers.

Verbal Intervention Training
Ideal for retail and customer service roles that require a hands-off approach. Staff take part in verbal de-escalation training that mitigates distressing behaviour through an understanding of trauma and nonrestrictive interventions.
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Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training
Teaches retail staff the skills needed to safely de-escalate crisis situations through both restrictive or nonrestrictive interventions.
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NCI With Advanced Physical Skills
Staff learn safe, advanced physical intervention techniques for situations involving individuals displaying complex or dangerous behaviours. Course participants also gain knowledge of the less restrictive interventions presented in our VI and NCI courses.
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Make an Impact with CPI

Creating Safe Retail Experiences for All

CPI helps employers implement evidence-based crisis prevention techniques that promote a culture of safety at their organizations. Our proactive solutions instill confidence in retail staff, empowering them with the skills needed to manage challenging customer interactions effectively and safely.

Apply awareness and empathy
It's essential to understand the diverse range of customer behaviours and what may trigger them. CPI training emphasizes the importance of empathy and awareness, teaching retail staff to recognize the signs of emotional distress, mental health issues, or other underlying causes of disruptive behaviour.
Identify distressing behaviour
Our programs train employees to identify and understand challenging behaviour, helping them detect both verbal and nonverbal cues of escalating tension. Retail staff will learn assessment techniques to gauge the severity of a situation accurately before responding.
Intervene safely
Once a potential crisis is identified, safe intervention becomes a priority. Our training equips retail staff with effective de-escalation techniques, including active listening, calm and clear communication, and non-threatening body language all while adhering to your organizations safety policies.

Our Training Approach

Our train-the-trainer framework increases fidelity and adoption and ensures the most relevant training is delivered based on roles and risk levels.

“CPI training has helped increase the confidence of the people I train. They feel they have a better understanding of communication with hostile individuals.”
Albert WhiteRisk and Loss Prevention Professional, The TJX Companies, Inc.

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