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CPI Training for Retail Workers

Equip your entire team with essential de-escalation skills to handle contentious or hostile customer interactions and create a culture of safety and well-being.

CPI Courses

Safer Employee-Customer Interactions

We believe proper de-escalation training is critical in today’s retail environment and results in a positive environment for employees and customers alike. Our evidence-based training programs reflect our mission and empower teams to handle crises in safe, practical ways.

What You'll Gain

Training Outcomes

Enhanced Customer Experience
Staff will gain the skills to turn negative interactions into positive experiences, fostering customer loyalty and contributing to your business’s success and positive reputation.
Greater Safety for Staff and Shoppers
Staff will learn how to confidently manage conflicts, proactively reduce the likelihood of physical altercations and injuries and create a culture of safety and well-being.
Improved Employee Retention
Staff will feel less stressed on the job, leading to reduced burnout and turnover and a more supportive, productive workplace.

How it Works

Our Retail Training Approach

Our approach ensures the most effective and relevant de-escalation training is delivered to your retail teams.

All staff complete fundamental online de-escalation skills training

An initial online, on-demand training course will offer retail team members the skills to create a controlled, safe store atmosphere, recognize and de-escalate hostile customers quickly and know when to call for additional support.

All staff participate in ongoing micro-learning lessons

Retail teams will regularly take short, effective training modules to reinforce learnings, add new concepts and various scenarios and support a long-lasting cultural change of safety and well-being.

Managers and leaders become certified in Verbal Intervention Training

Store managers, asset protection managers, security managers and other leaders in managerial roles will gain in-depth knowledge on how to effectively verbally defuse in-store conflict and support staff to create a culture of safety and well-being.
“CPI training has helped increase the confidence of the people I train. They feel they have a better understanding of communication with hostile individuals.”
Albert WhiteRisk and Loss Prevention Professional, The TJX Companies, Inc.

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