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CPI Training for Human Services

CPI is the leading provider of evidence-based de-escalation training for all levels of human service professionals. Our training solutions are customizable and scalable to support the workplace safety needs of social workers, counselors, probation officers, and more.

CPI Training Supports a Safer Workplace

With our person-centred de-escalation training, you can support the safety and well-being of the individuals in your care. See the success our human service customers have experienced since implementing CPI training.

87% decrease in staff use of force
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85% reduction in need for safety interventions View Success Story
80% reduction in staff injuries
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Top 10 De-escalation Tips

Based on strategies taught in CPI Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training, these tips will help you respond to difficult behaviour in the safest, most effective way possible.

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CPI Courses

Person-Centred Training Solutions

To create a sustainable environment of safety, all staff should receive CPI training. Whether your facility has a hands-off policy, or you are responsible for physical interventions, our training solutions are customizable to ensure the right staff receive the right level of training.

Add Specialty Topics

Enhance Your Training for the Individuals You Serve

Add one of our specialty topics to our foundational Verbal Intervention, Nonviolent Crisis Intervention, or NCI With Advanced Physical Skills Training programs to customize skills and techniques by staff roles and the individuals you serve.

Understand trauma’s impact on behaviour and meet the unique needs of those impacted.
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Mental Health
Explore mental health disorders and gain resources to apply a person-centred approach.
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Autism Spectrum Disorder
Safely apply proactive intervention strategies when working alongside individuals with autism in your care.
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Make an Impact with CPI

See the Benefits of Implementing De-escalation Training

Implementing CPI training gives staff the skills and confidence to recognize disruptive behaviour and prevent incidents of violence among individuals.

Create a safer environment for staff and individuals
Learn how to proactively de-escalate situations and keep them from happening in the first place.
Improve staff behaviour management skills
Equip staff with the skills to understand how their behaviour can positively influence the behaviour of others.
Increase staff confidence
Provide staff with a common response language and skill set to help them know how and when to respond to a challenging situation.

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Hillside of Atlanta Success Story

Staff at Hillside of Atlanta, a behavioural youth center, were looking for a way to increase staff safety and better support the needs of those in their care. With CPI training, Hillside reduced safety interventions by 85%. See how CPI helped support this transformation, and how training can benefit your workplace.

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Learn from CPI Human Services Experts

Hear from our contributing human services experts and CPI Certified Instructors as they share their insights and knowledge through our VOICES of CPI blog series. Topics include de-escalation strategies, tips to understand the impact of your own behaviour on others, ways to establish a culture of safety at your workplace, and more.

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The CPI library offers access to free, downloadable guides and resources to help you expand your knowledge of CPI best practices while gaining valuable tools that all human services staff can benefit from.

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