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Specialty Topic: Autism Spectrum Disorder

Provide your staff with a greater understanding of the characteristics of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and how to safely apply proactive intervention strategies when working with the individuals in your care.

Enhance Your CPI Training with ASD Content

Customize and adapt your foundational Verbal Intervention, Nonviolent Crisis Intervention, or NCI With Advanced Physical Skills certification for staff who work with individuals with autism.

Understand the characteristics of ASD
Learn about the needs and characteristics of individuals living with ASD and understand its impact on development.
Learn safe intervention techniques
Enhance crisis intervention techniques to align with the behaviours and communication types of individuals on the spectrum.
Apply a trauma-informed approach to ASD
Understand the person-centred and trauma-informed approaches needed when responding to a person in distress.
“For us, it has brought awareness about the power we hold to de-escalate situations. We have a high autism population at our school. In the past, before CPI training, situations got out of control when they didn’t need to. Now, our staff is trained in how to approach a student before things get out of control.”
Erin Wise-Jones, PsychologistAdams 12 Five Star School District

Pair ASD Content with a CPI Program

Our ASD Specialty Topic is available as an add-on to enhance our foundational Verbal Intervention, Nonviolent Crisis Intervention, and NCI With Advanced Physical Skills programs based on staff roles and the individuals you serve. Explore our portfolio of training programs below.

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CPI teaches professionals the skills to recognize, prevent, and respond to crises in the workplace. We offer customizable solutions that fit every role and risk level to foster organization-wide safety and well-being.

We are dedicated to changing behaviours and reducing conflict for the Care, Welfare, Safety, and SecuritySM of everyone, using evidence-based, person-centred approaches.

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Our Training Approach

Our train-the-trainer framework increases fidelity and adoption and ensures the most relevant training is delivered based on roles and risk levels.

Renew and Upgrade with ASD Content

Renew your certification and add our ASD Specialty Topic to customize techniques by staff roles and the individuals you serve.

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