CPI Extends Its Mission to the Wonderful People of China!

January 16, 2012
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As I consider the positive impact our training has on the safety of organizations, their staffs, and the people in their care throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, I’m pleased to announce that we are expanding our reach to China and extending our community of caring to that region of the world as well.

To kick off this exciting initiative, I travelled to China recently and had the opportunity to visit with numerous dedicated educators, health care professionals, social workers, and special needs professionals who all share our passion for appropriately supporting individuals who exhibit challenging behavior.

In Hong Kong, we met with Ms. Wong, a social-work lecturer at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Ms. Wong had been trained in our Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® program when she worked in Vancouver, Canada years ago. She has been so impressed all these years with our training and its benefits that she reached out to us and assisted us in bringing the good news of our training to Hong Kong!

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In Beijing, we visited three great organizations: the International School of Beijing, the Western Academy of Beijing, and the Stars and Rain, an organization that’s dedicated to serving children who have autism. We also met Monte Rosen of the Essential Learning Group, a special-education consulting organization, as well as Ms. Lee, president of LinJie Health Consulting Group. As we visited these organizations, we were deeply impressed with the outstanding job they do to educate students with diverse backgrounds and help them reach their potential. 

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In Wuhan, we received warm hospitality from the Autism Clinic at Hubei Maternal and Child Hospital, the ZhongNan Hospital of Wuhan University, and the No.1 ShuiGuoHu Middle School. We talked with professionals who stand on the frontlines facing the challenging behaviors presented by patients, students, and family members. We discussed the root of tension between hospitals and patients and students and educators in China, as well as how our skills and techniques can help.

Over the years, we have helped over six million professionals improve school and workplace safety, spark student and service user engagement, and improve relationships among staff, students, clients, patients, and families. Just as we collaborate with stellar professionals in our existing international sphere, we are thrilled to now be collaborating with outstanding professionals in China as well.

Throughout our trip, we observed, learned, shared, and, most importantly, we made friends. I’m excited to continue our work in China and to keep driving our mission to enrich lives across the world. Please join me in my enthusiasm for our first Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® program taking place in Hong Kong in early 2013, and join me in my deep appreciation for the committed, passionate people of China who are thrilled to share our dedication to ensuring Care, Welfare, Safety, and SecuritySM for all! 

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