When a Hero Retires, His Legacy Lives On

July 22, 2015
Elizabeth London
Two pairs of hands clasped together.

I am so fortunate to work for an organization that makes a difference in the lives of employees in a variety of disciplines by creating safe and caring environments for those in their care. To hear positive outcomes from the results of CPI training programs is such a reward.

One of the professionals I've had the great pleasure of working with is an Education Specialist named Don Rolfe. Don recently retired, and I want to give him a special shout-out for all his work over the years at Region 15, an education service center in central Texas.

As a CPI Certified Instructor for over 10 years, Don trained 748 staff members in his district in the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training program. Totaling 322 hours, his trainings equipped his colleagues with skills to prevent and manage disruptive and aggressive student behaviors. His passion and dedication ensured that hundreds of staff members have the tools to help their students succeed.

Over the years, Don participated in and hosted a variety of our advanced programs to sharpen staff skills in verbal de-escalation, trauma-informed care, and working with kids on the autism spectrum. He continuously shared strategies with staff to make a difference for all students and to make their schools safer and more productive.

Thank you, Don, for being one of Our Heroes, and congratulations on your retirement!


Elizabeth London is a Senior Training Coordinator and has been with CPI since 2006. She takes great pride in working with organizations and their staff to bring them CPI’s training programs and the tools they need to keep safe and respectful environments for those in their care. Over the years, she has made wonderful connections and friends all over North America, and she finds it deeply rewarding to hear the positive outcomes from the results of CPI training.

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