CPI and LSCI Bring Hope, Care

August 5, 2014
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I’d like to congratulate CPI’s own Dr. Randy Boardman and Alison Mueller for continuing to deepen our relationship with the Life Space Crisis Intervention (LSCI) Institute.

Last week, Randy and Alison attended LSCI’s re-certification and renewal conference in Cleveland. Alison, one of our Global Professional Instructors who teaches the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® program and others to our customers, was recognized by LSCI president Dr. Nicholas J. Long as an LSCI Senior Trainer. Additionally, Randy, a longtime LSCI Senior Trainer, co-presented a breakout session at the conference with Drs. Nicholas and Jody Long.

The LSCI Institute offers training programs for professionals who work with at-risk and troubled youth. Like CPI, LSCI views problems and crisis incidents as opportunities for learning, growth, and change. With this shared vision, we have collaborated with LSCI for over ten years to offer staff a framework for moving through conflict and toward desired outcomes.

Back in 2005, Randy led our partnership with LSCI to develop an advanced training program to bridge LSCI content with our Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® program. Since then, we have trained over 2,700 Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Certified Instructors in Enhancing Verbal Skills: Applications of Life Space Crisis Intervention℠. The program gives CPI Certified Instructors the opportunity to teach their coworkers skill sets for integrating the two training programs and helping troubled youth build positive relationships and make positive changes in their behavior.

Randy, who is currently our Senior Training Advisor and who for many years served as our Executive Director of Research and Development, also spoke at the conference about his contribution to the new seventh edition of Dr. Long’s book, Conflict in the Classroom. Formerly an elementary school principal, Randy contributed “Fostering Emotionally Safer Environments for Students and Youth” to Chapter 2 for the book.

I’m proud to say that Randy is also currently leading an initiative to finalize an agreement between CPI and LSCI to collaborate on a new resource. The Angry Smile is to be a three-hour online course that will focus on intervening with individuals of all ages who display passive-aggressive behavior. The course will be offered in nine impactful modules and should be available here on our website this fall. It will be open to any professionals aiming to improve relationships and outcomes with challenging clients—there will be no pre-requisite for either LSCI training or CPI training. I’m particularly excited about this new course because it’s part of meeting our aim to offer Certified Instructors and their participants more eLearning options and more convenience and flexibility.

Alison and Randy’s accomplishments and initiatives are ensuring that our shared vision and our collaboration with LSCI remains strong. Thank you both for working toward our growth objectives, advancing our collaboration with partners who share our mission, and most of all for developing ways to enhance Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security℠ for our customers and their vulnerable clients, who deserve the very best care!

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