Wauwatosa School District – Wisconsin, US

The Impact of CPI Training

  • More positive school culture
  • Decrease in disciplinary issues
  • Increase in academic achievement
  • All 13 Wauwatosa School Districts trained in CPI Nonviolent Crisis Intervention®


Wauwatosa School Districts were looking to create a cohesive approach to improving safety, student outcomes, and overall academic success. The schools already had some PBIS programs in place, but they were looking for a unified approach to achieve their goals.


The Wauwatosa School District selected Emily O’Connor to be the CPI Certified Instructor and to provide all staff and educators with CPI Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training.


Since integrating CPI training with PBIS, the Wauwatosa School District has experienced improvements for staff and for student success. Hallmarks include scores related to leadership and Implementation. O’Connor is delighted that this focus has helped foster the commitment to implement PBIS and CPI across the entire system as well as position Wauwatosa as a role model for PBIS efforts.

“When you estimate that one office referral takes a minimum of 10 minutes of the teacher’s time, 15 minutes for the student, 20 for the administrator—and that’s not even counting the time lost for the rest of the class. You can see that this training helps you regain hundreds of hours to dedicate to your core mission. Teachers can focus on actual teaching again.”

-Emily O’Connor
CPI Certified Instructor
Wauwatosa School District

Key results include:

  • 25% fewer office referrals
  • 2% decrease in secondary school students needing higher level support
  • 87% of students only needed Tier 1 supports

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