Nash General Hospital

The Impact of CPI Training

  • Improved staff satisfaction
  • Increased staff and patient safety
  • Proactive communication techniques
  • Staff debriefing
  • Retain quality staff


Nash General Hospital, a 282-bed facility whose emergency room treats over 65,000 patients each year, sought a customizable training program with the ability to engage trainees, instill confidence, and ultimately increase levels of employee and patient safety.


Nash’s policies require that staff involved in critical care, emergency department care, psychiatric care, and security attend a CPI training program. Additionally, all other staff members are encouraged to attend at their option. To date, approximately 600 employees have gone through CPI training.


Vandora Holt, director of education, says implementation has gone well has and that she is pleased with the outcomes achieved. Evaluations completed by those who have gone through the training are uniformly positive. Similarly, comments provided reinforce staff satisfaction.

Key results include:

  • Increased patient safety with monthly trainings offered. 
  • Certified Instructors remain active and have a very low attrition rate. 
  • Employees appreciate being prepared with the skills to do their jobs. 
  • Retention of quality staff to provide quality care. 

“Training to increase patient safety is a high priority,” says Holt. Each month, Nash General Hospital conducts both initial and refresher CPI programs. “We view this not as a luxury, but as a necessity—you have to have quality people to provide quality care. And the most direct route to having a high quality staff is through top-notch education.”

Additionally Holt says, “CPI backs up what they teach. They are far more than just a vendor of off-the-shelf training programs. They are continually seeking to improve course content, and to help build employees’ knowledge and sense of security.”

“Training is a necessity and those seeking to find effective options should be comforted by CPI’s leadership role in establishing standardized programs that have worked across the world.”

-Vandora Holt
Nash General Hospital
Rocky Mountain, NC

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