Pine Hills Youth Correctional Facility – Montana, US

The Impact of CPI Training

  • Decrease in staff injuries compared to the average over the last three years
  • Decrease in compensation liability from staff injury claims
  • Decreased use of force
  • Improved staff and young adult connections


Despite receiving a 100% compliance rating score, Pine Hills had 48 staff workers’ compensation injury claims and a three-year average workers’ compensation claim rate of 73 per year. Most of the claims were the result of direct staff physical intervention to control a difficult situation. It was clear something needed to be done to decrease staff injuries and use of force.


With the support of the Youth Services Director, Pine Hills selected six staff members to become Certified Instructors. To ensure effective delivery of training, staff were selected from a variety of departments including line staff, frontline supervisors, and managers.

In the months following, all direct care facility staff and supervisors received training.


By changing attitudes, and focusing on training additional verbal intervention techniques, staff at Pine Hills Youth Corrections Facility were able to promote significant changes in culture.

“Gradually it became important to all staff and no longer was there merely the black and white, compliant and noncompliant view of youth behavior. There were recognizable shades of grey. Staff now had the ability to distinguish these shades and intervene accordingly, with tangible benefits to youth and staff.”

-Jeffery Holland
Quality Assurance Manager
Pine Hills Youth Correctional Facility

Key results include:

  • 80% decrease in staff injuries
  • 48% decrease in frequency of youth majority rule violations
  • 87% decrease in use of force

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