Frequently Asked Questions

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If you need further clarification, more info or would just prefer to speak to someone, give the office a call on 0161 929 9777 and they’ll be able to help.

Why is MAPA now called Safety Intervention?

We have taken the term MAPA® which was used to describe the full curriculum and divided it into two distinct programmes: Verbal Intervention™ enables you to teach all the CPI preventative approaches and Safety Intervention™ enables you to teach all the CPI preventative interventions plus the disengagements and/or holding skills. Dividing the MAPA® curriculum into these two distinct programmes gives a clearer focus on prevention and addresses concerns that the MAPA® programme was only about ‘restraint’. The updated programme also incorporates trauma-informed and person-centred approaches.


Can I attend an instructor course if I am pregnant?

Participation on CPI programmes includes movements (eg. bending, stretching and twisting) which may compromise new and expectant mothers or their baby, so your employing organisation should complete a specific occupational assessment. We reserve the right to refuse attendance where any reasonable adjustments cannot be made; or where the instructor feels a participant’s health, safety and welfare may be compromised. Instructor certification can only be awarded (or renewed) when the CPI Instructor is satisfied that the participant is able to demonstrate their understanding in practical terms the concepts and the skills involved in the programme. If pregnancy prevents the participant from being able to demonstrate the use of skills they cannot be certified to deliver training in those skills.


How fit do I need to be?

Physical Health and Ability Participants nominated to attend a programme involving physical activity must be fit to attend on the basis that they can undertake a full range of physical activities typically associated with their role. Where there is a concern about any staff member’s participation in the programme, further advice should be sought from an occupational health advisor. All participants who attend the programme will be required, each day of the course, to sign a declaration agreeing that they will take full responsibility for their own safety and the safety of other course participants and the course Instructors. Where staff declare during the programme that they have a physical or other limiting conditions which may impair their safe participation in the programme, the course Instructor with provide specific advice and guidance on what the staff should or should not participate in, which may include nonparticipation.


When I become an Instructor who can I train?

On successful completion of the instructor programme you will be licensed to deliver the training to those staff employed in the organisation in which you work. If you are a recruiter or agency this is extended to those candidates on your books. Training cannot be 'sold on' for the purpose of income generation or commercial gain.


How long does my certification last for?

In the UK you will be required to attend a renewal event no later than 12 months since your last attendance.


How will I know when I need to renew?

Your account manager will contact you with date options at least three months before your renewal is due.


What will I need to go on to deliver the training in my organisation?

  • During your instructor certification programme you will be given an Instructor Guide, which tells you exactly how to deliver the content.
  • The electronic presentation you will need is available to download (free of charge) from the website.
  • Training licenses, including participant workbooks, for every person taking part in your training event.
  • Attendance register and assessment forms are available to download (free of charge) from the CPI website.
  • Importantly you will need time – before and after the training for preparation and administration.
  • CPI is committed to your success, if you have any queries or concerns please contact our dedicated Support Service on 0161 929 9777. We have instructor support on hand Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.

Does the instructor training provide me with a qualification?

At an extra cost, an RQF Level 4 award can be added to the Safety Intervention Instructor Certification Programme.


Does the instructor course count towards my continuing professional development?

Yes. All CPIs training courses are certified as continuing professional development by the CPD Certification Service.


Can I adapt the training?

The training must be delivered as you will see it delivered on the Instructor Certification Programme and as it is set out in your Instructor Guide and with CPI approved materials. That said, there is plenty of opportunity for you to use examples from your organisation. Instructors are taught all 10 units and then can choose to deliver the units that you feel are relevant to your services.


Do I need to tell CPI when I am delivering training?

You will need to order you participant licenses (one for every person you train) from CPI. Once the training is delivered you must provide the details of what you have delivered and the names of the participants. This is a really simple process via the CPI website and we’ll provide you with a guide of how to do it.


Does the licence fee include materials?

This licence fee does include all materials. Please note that we require five working days for shipping materials.


I’ve lost my memory stick with the training presentation on, can I get a new one?

The instructor materials are now available to download free of charge from the instructor area of our website.


If my employer hasn’t paid for my place, can I still do the training?

Acceptance on the programme is conditional on CPI receiving payment in full prior to the commencement of the programme. If payment is not received you may not be accepted onto the programme. If you are accepted onto the programme prior to payment being received, it is on condition that you will not receive your certificate or be licensed to deliver training until such time as payment has been received.


Do you run training for individuals?

All of our training has to be organised via an organisation. If you have found out about our training and would like to enrol on a course, ask your employer to contact us.


How do you know what training we need?

We will complete a training needs analysis and / or behaviour audit so we can identify the need for staff to be trained in the avoidance of, and use of, physical interventions.


What do I need to bring along to the instructor course?

We provide lunch, refreshments and all the materials so just bring a pen and a willingness to learn! However, if you are an existing instructor and are attending a renewal programme, please bring your instructor manual with you.


What if my instructor leaves my organisation?

A licence is held by the individual so we do stress that whoever you put forward for the instructor training should be in a stable working environment.


Do I need to wear anything specific?

Just dress comfortably as the training contains exercise components that warrant free movement. When you have your place confirmed, you’ll be emailed a Guide for Safe Participation which will cover things such as clothes and jewellery. Please take the time to read through the guide before you start the course.


Is there parking at the training venues?

The training is mostly conducted in hotels and you will receive info about your specific venue’s parking arrangements / public transport information prior to the course. If you choose a course held at our training centre in Sale, Manchester, parking is limited and we would encourage attendees to utilise the excellent public transport network. Brooklands tram stop is just 200 yards away.


What is your cancellation policy?

Full details of our cancellation policy can be found here.


If we want training delivered on our own premises, what size room do we need?

The basics of our venue guide is that you’ll need a room that is at least 1,500 sq ft and will comfortably hold 15 people. For more information on the room required or any other details regarding onsite training, please call 0161 929 9777.


Is CPI training accredited?

  • Our training is certified by Bild ACT under The Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards.
  • CPI is accredited by the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET) which means all our training programmes meet the ANSI/IACET standards for continued education and training through a rigorous external accreditation process.
  • All CPI training is accredited by the Continued Professional Development Service (CPD)

Can I print my certificate myself?

All Certified Instructors (with the exception of those in France and Finland) can print certificates directly from their account on the CPI website. To do this:

  • Log in to your account
  • Go to ‘My Account’
  • Go to ‘My Certification History’
  • This will show you a list of the CPI training events that you have attended.
  • Print the certificate you require.